Saturday, October 13, 2018

The new FIDE? President Dvorkovic elected, what does it mean?

The era of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is over as president of the FIDE which is regarded as "World Chess Federation" but declares itself as "International Chess Federation". In the era upcoming where Mars is about to be colonized - what a time to live in! - this can become an important distintion, as by its title the FIDE could also be the head of chess federations on the Mars. This, however, will be something to be thought about in the next ten or so years until the projects start.

Today we will talk about the end of the Kirsan era. Kirsan was a man of great political power, but so is Dvorkovic. Mr. Dvorkovic is a (former?) high Russian politician, now president of the FIDE. That chess and politics can go very well is proven by the former Serbian sports minister Alisa Maric (yes, the strong chess master!) and of course by Sersch Sargsjan / Serzh Sargsyan (apologies for probably misspelling the name, as I can't transcribe Armenian, so I use the Wikipedia transcription). As head of the Armenian Chess Federation, the Prime Minister of Armenia (now former) has developed the chess to the level where Armenians won great international tourneys, including the Chess Olympiad, if I remember it correctly.

Everyone is aware that I am an opponent of Kirsan, but FIDE also profited from Kirsan. As Donald Trump has shown - whom I don't want to compare to Kirsan except for the brilliancy as businessman - the great politics led by businessmen can be very impressive, yet also controversial. As president of Kalmykia, Kirsan has built Chess City in Elista, he has shown to be a man whose love to chess is great and rich, and he has collected many sponsors all around the world. But the shadow also lies in those connections, as Kirsan was friends with many dictators, including a rapist of children as young as 16 years old. Now, I believe strongly that Kirsan was not aware of that, but he must have been aware that his friend violated human rights, the Libyan Muammar al-Gaddafi. Furthermore one of Kirsan's banks does business with the pedosexual organisation Da'esh (also known under their propaganda name "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and under a name that insults the family of Egyptian gods who are holding the power of life and death, namely the sister of Osiris, Isis. Oh, what a shame to see their names be as much abused as the swastika, the holy symbol of protection, was by Hitler and his band of rascals!

In any case, I believe strongly that Kirsan, be he an unscrupulous businessman, is not in his deepest heart one of evil. He is not a good man either, but - in terms of the D&D alignment system - rather on the (true) "Neutral" stance. His interviews given many years ago show that he is searching for the spiritual truth and has not found it yet. He does what he feels he should do, without consideration for the ethical values, but also without the drive to do evil. Unfortunately that brought FIDE in the situation where it is connected with such people who indeed are evil. Kirsan knows them of the both sides, the evil and the good, and this is the critique I must uphold against him. His personality brought FIDE dark clouds, which were recognized when he was forbidden from holding any more power in the FIDE. But with him likely many sponsors will go.

Mr. Dvorkovic is influential, I don't know about his personality, but he will have a rough start. He has the task of showing strength while also being diplomatic and at the same time acquiring new - or old - sponsors for the FIDE. His tests to come will decide if FIDE will prosper, and unfortunately it will also affect the chess composition, which thankfully receives a small funding by the FIDE, as well as the sponsorship for the FIDE World Cup (not to be confused with the game tourney of the same name) where composers can receive FIDE cerficates and small money prizes - big in the composing world.

Kirsan once said, he will go to the monastery when the time has come to stay there for a few weeks. Maybe now is the time, he can re-orient his life. Whatever the case, I want to lay aside my differences and wish Kirsan that he finds the spiritual truth, that he truly meets the love of God, which he is searching, and that he will see the consequences in what he will do in the future to contribute to a strong and prospering Kalmykia and Chess City, and to promote the chess and the kindness to many people.

As for Mr. Dvorkovic, I wish him the strength, the power and the luck to fulfill his difficult task. Maybe we are of one family - gens una sumus - but only the family's eldest and his close workers can do what is necessary now. God bless Kirsan and Mr. Dvorkovic! And God bless the FIDE and give the wisdom to the officials to now prepare a golden future, not to let go of the prosperity that Kirsan has brought!

For me, my personal battle is over. I can make peace. Will there be more to come, then only again for the best of chess - or what I believe to be it. In that stance, I am "Chaotic Good". I speak out when necessary. I put myself on the line. But I hope to do it for the best and not be blinded. Good people can do bad things, and bad people can do good things - against their intention. At least I did not offer money for rat tails to get rid of a rat plague, as it once was done by the British in India, I think. It only led to breeding more rats in order to receive the money for the tails, making the problem worse. Unforeseen consequences...

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stelian Lamba (

It is very sad that I learnt today about the death of several great composers. Stelian Lamba was publisher of the Romanian magazine Euxinus Pontus for which I was working as editor for endgame studies for several years until I felt I was unable to do the work in a satisfying fashion and asked for stepping down, which he had granted.

Now I didn't know Mr. Lamba in person, but I think that the great enthusiast George Teodoru, who recently turned 86 and who had back in the days organized our first contact, would have a lot to tell if he would write an obituary. If we happen to see one online, we will link it here later.

SOTM update (and a small rant)

I talked to my contact at ChessBase about the implications of the new EU copyright directive, should it be also upheld in the Spring 2019 election. Even if the directive - which I oppose, as it is a horrible blow for the rights of the free press and would essentially enforce for example Google to not link to any news websites anymore on its search engine and Google News (why should they pay money for it if they can just unlink media that try to blackmail them?) - is passed, the future of SOTM is safe.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

United Airlines Flight 93 Memorial Service with President Trump

On one Tuesday in September, 17 years ago, 40 heroes sacrificed their lives to save the lives of many others.

Christian Adams
Lorraine G. Bay
Todd M. Beamer
Alan Anthony Beaven
Mark Bingham
Deora Frances Bodley
Sandy Waugh Bradshaw
Marion R. Britton
Thomas E. Burnett, Jr.
William Joseph Cashman
Georgine Rose Corrigan
Patricia Cushing
Captain Jason M. Dahl
Joseph DeLuca
Patrick Joseph Driscoll
Edward Porter Felt
Jane C. Folger
Colleen L. Fraser
Andrew (Sonny) Garcia
Jeremy Logan Glick
Kristin Osterholm White Gould
Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas
Donald Freeman Greene
Wanda Anita Green
Linda Gronlund
Richard J. Guadagno
LeRoy Homer
Toshiya Kuge
CeeCee Ross Lyles
Hilda Marcin
Waleska Martinez
Nicole Carol Miller
Louis J. Nacke II
Donald Arthur Peterson
Jean Hoadley Peterson
Mark David Rothenberg
Christine Ann Snyder
John Talignani
Honor Elizabeth Wainio
Deborah Jacobs Welsh

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Saturday, September 1, 2018

The undying Nissl/Davidson hoax

I have received a mail by a chess friend alleging once more that the famous Nissl rundlauf was anticipated by Davidson. As Michael McDowell with confirmation of Alain Godbout has reported many years ago, the position (solution see link) is a Nissl original, not anticipated by Davidson in 1899.

Dear Caissa, let's lay this rumor to rest finally!

Theodor Nissl
Akademische Monatshefte für Schach 1910
White to move and mate in 6 moves