Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Zweikönigstreffen

The Zweikönigstreffen is a meeting of chess composers in Stuttgart that is organised by Uwe Karbowiak. It is held twice a year, and I was luckily participating each time so far. There are usually three or four lessons held by the participants, between the lessons there is a lunch break.

This time I held a lesson about perpetual stalemate with an added bonus that will both most probably be published in an article in EG 2015. Hans-Peter Rehm referred about the quality of FIDE album fourmovers, similarly Rupert Munz after the lunch break. Between Rehm and Munz, Michael Schlosser presented symmetry and ASymmetry problems, partially based on his book with Martin Minski.

At the afternoon, I ventured home earlier than usual. Looking forward to the next meeting.

An example from my lecture:

Mark S. Liburkin
Shakhmaty v SSSR 1928, second semester, 5th prize

In this famous Liburkin study or rather scheme, White draws after 1.Rh8+ Kg7 2.Rg8+ Kh7 3.B:a2 R:a2+ 4.Kb1 Sc3+ 5.Kc1 Ra1+ 6.Kb2 Rb1+ 7.Ka3 Ra1+ 8.Kb2 Ra2+ 9.Kc1 K:g8 stalemate


  1. Hi Siegfried,
    Would you by any chance have a photograph of Uwe Karbowiak, the organizer of these meetings?
    I would like to publish it in the Chess Composers blog
    Thank you in advance.

  2. I saw several but don't have the legal rights to allow publication. I ask Uwe if he can send one.

    1. Please send me an e-mail, so I can send you his e-mail address (don't have yours). He wants to ask you what you use the photo for, etc.